May 10 2010

Living on Borrowed Time: A Kitchen Tale

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This-is-our- current- kitchen. A week into the move, the old school stove and oven went out in the middle of cooking cornbread for my modern quilting class. I have been cooking on our camping stove for 2 weeks. Yes, I know, it’s pretty bad. And see that sink, yesterday morning right before we started cooking for a last-minute mom’s day breakfast with Eric’s mom, that sink started regurgitating the food that went down the disposal. Yesterday worked out, thanks to our handy dandy waffle iron, and our flexibility. Washing dishes in the tub is sort of awkward.

Needless to say, our kitchen is living on borrowed time. We were hoping we could get through the first year with the old appliances. Now, we are considering re-doing Viagra it sooner rather than later. I have seen so many magazines on kitchen re-dos and books and blog posts. This pic below pretty much sums up the elements we want together.

We like the ideas of open shelves, especially because it opens up the kitchen. And thanks to some generous gifts from our family we have all bone colored dishes from fish’s eddy. So it wouldn’t look too chaotic, if we were to do so. And the subway tiles are extraordinarily inexpensive, which helps.

Apartment Therapy has some ideas on how to “not screw up” the open shelving system.

open remodel rect540 Living on Borrowed Time: A Kitchen Tale

*Walnut counter tops are sweet! Especially when played against the white. Then picture a black and white vinyl checkerboard floor. Like the subway tiles, inexpensive and classic.