Package Inspiration

Screen Shot 2011 09 27 at 1.13.49 PM Package Inspiration

I stumbled upon this picture on It is hand-made gift wrapping at its best. Gift wrapping has to be clever when you hand-make stuff. Since most of the gifts I give others are handmade, I am always looking for ways to wrap the gifts with creativity. I come across a lot of inspiring wrap jobs. This one stood out to me because it is so warm and lovely, in spite of being super simple, and the materials are easy to come by. The brown paper can be purchased at the dollar store. The satin ribbon shows up there too. Not of the quality that is in the picture, but in a pinch, it works. The vintage pictures can be found at any antique store. Vintage postcards would work great too. Like I showed you last week, even the Trader Joe’s bags that you have been saving under the sink have some vintage images that you can cut out and use. The flowers are super easy to make and you can refer to this great tutorial from Paper Paper blog for instructions. You can also use a muslin fabric for the flowers for more of a country-fried look.

Happy Saturday!

Things I am thankful for this week:

1. My closest friend ever came to visit from L.A. Soul mates are hard to find. I’m glad we still have each other as friends.

2. Ada, the 5 lb. Yorkie, my constant companion, and a source of an amazing amount of joy and love. She rounds out our family perfectly.

3. Life and breath, and movement and growth, and change. Yes, I am thankful for change.

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