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Ashley Jennings grew up  in Southern California to a middle-class family and enjoyed equal doses of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Saved By the Bell.  As a child she spent her time creating art, playing soccer, and feeling empathy for the whole wide world. Yes, it was that simple. Being very passionate and full of zest, she desired to follow her dreams to play soccer and become an artist in NYC after high school. After getting a BA in psychology and sociology at Columbia University, she moved back to California, without a degree in art, in spite of spending four years with a sewing station in her dorm room.  While attending graduate school in Seattle, she met the raddest man she had ever encountered. She would follow that man to the moon if he had a good reason.  And she did.  Now they conjointly orbit the same planet. She is pretty sure everybody else in the world is orbiting a different one.  She nows resides in Reno, Nevada where she helps to parent Eric’s kids–Ben, 12 and Lauren, 10. She enjoys running her web startup Checklet, Life Coaching, teaching crafting classes,  riding her bike, gardening, creating an urban homestead (complete with goats and chickens), writing, crafting, and teaching.  Many a weekend are spent fixing up their first home, a 1939 brick tudor in the Old Southwest.